Investigation Report: Private Home in Leeds, Massachusetts on Aug31 2009

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The Northeast Spectral Science Society was contacted this past March by a man from the Village of Leeds, Massachusetts, concerning some possible poltergeist activity in his home. He lived in the large, old duplex with two roommates. According to him, each resident of the home had some sort of experience they could not explain.

Below is a report of our investigation.


Our research on the history of the home was mostly unsuccessful. We were unable to find a definite date of construction for the home, nor could we locate anything stating who had built or first lived in it; the records seem to have been lost in the floods of the 1930s. However, we did find out from the local historian that there was a suicide in the home some fifty odd years ago. The distraught individual hung himself in the basement of the building after

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his home life had gone awry.

Unfortunately, the historian was unable to provide us with any other details concerning the property.


Our client pointed out two locations in the home where feelings of being watched and heaviness were prevalent. One area was a narrow hallway on the first floor, and the other was in the hallway on the second floor at the top of the stairs. Also in the upstairs hallway footsteps were reportedly heard during the night and the tenants were unable to explain the cause. One of the residents claimed that books had been pushed off of a small book shelf onto the floor.


Katie, Rob, Sue, Aaron, Rick and I were the investigators for this case. We investigated for two nights.

Evening 1:

During the interview, Aaron, Rob, Rick and I took preliminary EMF baseline measurements in each of the rooms. We plotted camera placements and mapped out the home while Katie and Sue interviewed the client.

Static cameras and audio recorders were placed in three locations: the attic, the bedroom where books fell to the floor, and the upstairs hallway where the mysterious footsteps were heard.

After we set up our remote monitoring equipment we split up into two teams.

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One team covered the upstairs and the other the first floor and basement. Our first course of action was to note any EMF readings which differ from our previously determined baseline readings. For this we used two different EMF meters – a Lutron EMF-822A and a MEL 8704.

The evening started off with the first floor team experiencing KII activity in the living room and, high measurements of 2.8 mG from both the Lutron and the MEL. We took photos and began to ask questions of any ethereal beings that may potentially have been present using our standard communication session procedure. Unfortunately nothing of note transpired. For ten minutes, the unusually high EMF persisted, then ceased. We continued our communication session and an hour later the KII lit up once again. The other EMF detectors registered the same high numbers as before and in ten minutes’ time the activity ceased.

We noted the time, and then moved into the kitchen for another communication session. Nothing unusual occurred during our time there.

We then moved into the basement. The basement area of the home posed a challenge. While investigating we noted areas in the middle of the floor that were giving off unusually high EMF readings. Stranger still was the fact that any wiring in the areas in question was not live. The readings fluctuated wildly from a low base line 1.0 mG to as high as 23 mG.

We did notice that there was a heavy load-carrying wire approximately ten feet away, however the client pointed out to us that none of the appliances that utilize this line have been turned on since we entered the home. We spent some time noting where the high EMF fields were.

After a while, both investigation groups reconvened on the first floor and discussed what, if any events took place. It was at this time we decided that maybe switching areas may provoke some sort of activity.

I informed the second team of what had occurred in the living room and told them to note the time should any KII activity take place.

Nothing of note occurred while my team took our shift upstairs. The team on the first floor, however, told us that the KII had lit again twice during their session. The first was exactly an hour after our last event and the second was an hour after that. There seemed to be a pattern emerging. As it was getting late, we decided to let our client get some sleep, and scheduled a time to revisit his home and this case.

Before leaving we informed the client that we would go through the evidence collected and relay our findings when we returned. As is our custom, we also communicated to our client that if anything should happen before our next visit to please make note of the phenomena.

The week transpired without incident.

Evening 2:

NESSS members Katie, Rob, Sue, Rick and I were on hand for the second evening. Prior to arriving at the residence, we decided that a more passive approach may spark some sort of activity in the second floor. We arrived and conferred with our client, and were told that no further activity had occurred.

Rob and I swept the apartment for EMF readings and each location’s measurements coincided with those of the first evening, including the basement.

We decided to place two static cameras in the upstairs hallway and place an audio recorder in the bedroom where the books had been knocked down. We figured it may be best to stay together on the first floor and conduct EVP/Communication session, and then investigate the basement for a while.

During a walk through the basement, Rick again took note of the large electrical line in the rafters. Our notes indicated a small EMF measurement of 1.2 mG emanating from this line, and the field dropped off to nothing within inches. However, this time, the field measured a value of more than 21 mG and sustained a very high field up to 10 feet away. We also noticed that the power line was directly below where the first night’s KII and EMF activity occurred on the first floor. Quickly, Rob and I went back upstairs and measured from the floor up to a height of five feet. The field sustained a strength of 21 mG several feet from the floor! From this, we were able to determine that the power line was indeed the source

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of our first night’s EMF anomaly.

We surmised that the periodic running of the neighbor’s refrigerator was the source of the sporadic high EMF, which inspection of the fuse box did confirm. It was lucky for us that we happened to be standing just below the line when the fridge kicked on, or we may never have discovered this.

The rest of the time spent at the client’s home passed without any unusual occurrences.


Review of video footage and audio recordings revealed nothing out of the ordinary. We were later informed that a smudging was performed at the home the day before we arrived. We were unable to determine whether or not this had any effect on our investigation.

We have kept in touch with this client and there have been no further incidents. However, should they experience anything in the future, we will be more than happy to re-investigate.

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  1. 1 on September 25, 2009 1:36 pm

    Thank you for your mighty fine work. You are our beacon of light in this long dark tunnel of chaos.

  2. 2 Sonia on September 30, 2014 9:33 pm

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I am quite sure I will learn lots of new stuff right here!
    Good luck for the next!




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